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"We were so impressed by Dale's understanding of the real estate market in Florence, Oregon. He went out of his way to help us on an exploratory mission of the area. In a relatively short period of time, we were able to come away with a very clear sense of what to look for in searching for houses, how to assess what were good buys and what were not, and the peculiarities of living and buying a house in Florence. He brings tremendous knowledge to helping his clients find the best house for them, and, we feel, at the best price for them. We would say that Dale is probably one of the best realtors we have ever dealt with, and we look forward to continuing to work with him should we decide to make Florence our home."

Richard Krieger  2014

After my dad passed away I had the task of finding a new owner for his home in Florence.  When I felt ready to put the house on the market, the first agent I talked to was Dale at Windermere Florence.  What a stroke of luck that turned out to be!  Even before I committed to listing with him, Dale hooked me up with a reputable contractor to spruce up the house and get it ready to market.  He also arranged for the inspections etc.  I didn't have to do any of that.

The contractor's work on the house was completed very quickly and professionally.  After the inspection we went live with the listing.  Dale came up with a bonafide offer from a very quality buyer in no time at all.  The sale was completed very quickly and with no glitches or hassle.  It could not have gone any better.

Dale is very up to date with Internet marketing of homes, which is critical with today's home buyers.  He got our listing online with great pics.  His market appraisal was spot-on too.  And Dale offered to use DocuSign for much of the listing process, which was very convenient for me since I'm in Eugene.  Thanks Dale!

D Stambaugh

Randee and I have lived in this area for years. We’ve  worked with a lot of real estate folks and then found Dale Saari, at Windermere/Florence Real Estate. He listened to us, advised us, and sold our home in just 10 days.  We recommend you try Windermere/Florence Real Estate. 

Glen and Randee Wilcox  

Dale Saari, Is the epitome of a real estate agent and more. It was never about making a quick sale, but about what would be the best fit for our family and were we getting the property at the right price. I would recommend and have recommended Dale to anyone looking for a property. 

M Alletson  


We feel fortunate that Dale Saari was recommended to us by others in the community.  Dale’s effective guidance and sound information provided a highly reliable support in our search for a home in this turbulent market. Dale has an intense desire to provide excellent customer service. He always addressed our concerns and always put his clients’ needs first. He definitely goes the extra mile. Whether it was a Sunday afternoon or 8:00 p.m. on a week night Dale would respond promptly to our requests and questions. Dale’s professional, courteous and attentive behavior is highly regarded by many others in the community. With his demonstration of technical and business expertise, it is no wonder that his former clients continue to sing his praises whenever the opportunity arises. In closing, Dale aspires to the highest levels of excellence and demonstrates a willingness to perform beyond expectations. 

Don and Rena’ Morris     

As a lifetime Florence resident and building contractor, I have bought and sold many properties through Dale over the past 25 years. You will not find a more detailed person than Dale.

Roger Center   

I write this letter of recommendation for Dale Saari with great pleasure.  Dale has been a colleague and friend for        many years. He is someone I hold in high regard both professionally and personally.  The characteristics that contribute to Dale’s professional success are consistent throughout his life.  He is utterly reliable, hard-working and capable.  Simply put, Dale excels at any endeavor he dedicates himself to, and I give this endorsement without reservation.

Matt R. Powell   Principal Broker/Owner

Windermere Real Estate/Lane County

Phone: (541) 484-2022   www.mandtpowell.com

In my planning to move from Florence to Eugene, I interviewed three real estate brokers to market my house.

The first realtor came with a market appraisal without ever seeing the house.  They gave me a suggested listing price based on data over the last one and a half years.  When questioned about their pricing strategy, they responded that we could always drop the price by $10,000 each month. 

The second realtor also came with a market appraisal without ever seeing the house.  They gave me four possible prices to list the house at and asked me what I would like to do!!! 

The third realtor was Dale Saari.  Dale came to the house and asked me what my objectives were.  He took excellent photos of the home and yard and said that he would come back the next day with a market appraisal and recommended listing price. When Dale came back, I wasn’t thrilled with what he was proposing, but it was backed up with data based on the last six months sales and his evaluation of where the Florence housing market was heading, based on the last six months history.  I asked Dale what if he list at $20,000 more than what he recommended and his response was that I would be wasting his time and mine.  That was the final selling point for me to use Dale as my realtor. 

The house was put on the market on Wednesday and I accepted an offer at full asking price on Saturday, due to correct pricing and an incredible effort of detailed presentation with his internet marketing.  I have been very pleased with Dale’s market analysis, his business acumen, and his goal of meeting his customer’s needs.  I very much recommend Dale Saari as a professional and informed realtor and one who understands his client’s needs.  Dale is very blunt and to the point and some people may not like hearing what is going on in the current real estate business, but you cannot go wrong with his ability to tell you how things really are.  If you are fact driven and need a no BS Realtor to represent your interest, I highly recommend using Dale Saari for your real estate needs.          

Michael Lasarev  


We needed to find buildable lot for our retirement home in Florence, Oregon in a short time frame. My husband found Dale Saari to be one of the more genuine individuals he had dealt with, through what was a timing crisis for us. Dale was interested in our need and budget and wasted no time in finding suitable choices for us and allowed us to make the final determination. He went above expected service and gave guidance and thought to the details one fails to think about when under pressure. We would gladly recomend Dale and his office support when purchasing any property. You will get the  highest level of service in your quest and purchase of your dream.                           

Tim and Susan Smith


R.E. Parent's Home Sale in Florence, OR Wow!!!

Competent, Knowledgeable, Attentive, and Accountable. Dale was with me every step of the way in the sale of my parents home in Florence. Since I live 200 miles away, Dale readily stepped in on my behalf when needed. Dale's 30-year real estate experience in the Florence area was time and again called upon from competitive home pricing to obtaining needed services for home improvements/ repairs. Choosing Dale as my realtor was the smartest decision I made. He's a go getter and you won't find any moss growing in Dale's path. 

Glen Ardt.  


Grandparents Estate Sale In Florence Oregon

My family and I recently regained possession of  our grandmother's house in Florence after a 20-year life estate situation.  We made a few visits to the house to determine its condition, which ended up being very poor. No maintenance in 20 years meant that bringing the house back to livable condition would cost between $30-100K.  None of the nine heirs lived in the area - in fact, we lived all over the U.S.  Due to the economic downturn, none of us had the money to restore it or the time to do the work ourselves.  After much consultation, we decided that our only option was to sell our grandmother's beloved home.  Hopefully someone would buy it who was capable of doing the work themselves.

With these criteria in mind, we picked Dale Saari as our real estate agent. Dale is the principal broker at the Florence Windermere office, with excellent online reviews from other buyers and sellers and knowledgeable about estates.  Dale has been doing business in Florence for more than 30 years.

Dale turned out to be quite expert at helping us through all the estate paperwork.  Before his assistance, we were stuck and didn't know what we needed to do next. And it all seemed like it would cost us a lot of money.  With nine heirs involved, this was a substantial amount of work and very convoluted.  Dale told us exactly what we needed to do and when.  He consulted with title experts as needed.  We did our part in a timely manner based on Dale's guidance.  As a result, we had no screw-ups with the estate part of the deal.  Everything went smoothly.

Picking Dale to help us prepare the house for market and sell it was also an excellent decision.  Dale identified the right kind of buyer for our home.  He spent a lot of time getting the price just right.  He gave us great guidance for what we did need to fix and what wasn't important or wouldn't add value.

Bottom line, we were very depressed about everything until we started working with Dale.  He helped us reach our goal of getting our grandmother's house into the hands of buyers who were capable of restoring it.  Everyone was a winner and felt good on the day it settled.  Dale's very high level of expertise and hard work greatly contributed to being able to say this.  Our entire family is grateful for his assistance.  Thanks, Dale!  

Terri Duffy  


Dale Saari
Dale Saari
Principle Broker
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